Our company has been engaged in passenger transportation for a long time. We are professionals in the field of transport. We know Sozopol well and can assist you with information about certain tourist destinations and vacation tips. Our drivers are professionals and thanks to their experience, you can count on a friendly attitude and fast transportation. We care about the quality of the service we offer and professional relations with customers.

Working hours

Our drivers work around the clock, you can call us at any time of the day – fast and easy. You can call us early in the morning before work, late at night for transport to a restaurant, discos, bars and others. Our drivers are available 24/7. If you need a taxi, just give us a call.

Quick Arrival

No matter your location in the city, our car can reach you within 2 to 10 minutes. Our drivers have many years of experience in transport and know Sozopol, they can assess the traffic and the most suitable route to get to your location quickly. So you can have suitable transport to tourist spots, discos, bars, airports and many others.


Drink and drive – this is a service that is suitable for people who want to have fun and drink alcohol. If you decide to use your private car and want to consume alcohol, you can do so without worrying about dangers, since our service offers the use of your car for transportation. So you can enjoy the fun times with friends and get home safely thanks to our professional drivers.

Customer Convenience

Our cars are spacious and comfortable. All of them have 7 seats, for enough space for you and your family and friends. They also have enough space for luggage. You can call us for transport to and from the airport, to the hotel, to restaurants and others. We will also assist you with information about entertainment in Sozopol.


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